Just want to remind everyone THE SECRET went on FREE PROMO yesterday for 5 days… to cover Swanwick week. So there’s still time to take a look at it, folks, if you haven’t already read it.
While I was there for the day, yesterday, I left a load of promo post cards and notices about it in the Book Information Room, and when I came home quite a few had disappeared, and so I’m hoping that might help the promo a bit and make everyone more aware of my novels.
Had a great day btw, catching up with all my Swanicker pals, and making new ones. There was definitley quite a buzz about the place over several of us Swanickers having some success with eBooks. General consensus was, whilst a few seemed still a bit scepticle about epublishing… most are all up for giving it a go now, even if they’re a bit reluctant, and would prefer to be published “the normal way”. I made it quite clear, that I think eBooks are the future, without any doubt, and that epublishing is something we’ll all have to embrace eventually. Some enlightening discussions about it though, which I enjoyed. I did STRESS though, the importance of getting one’s novels well edited before uploading to Kindle. I personally do think this is something that Amazon should perhaps insist on much more, to maintain a high standard of indie eBooks on offer. Sadly, some indie eBooks are quite definitely NOT properly edited, and it certainly shows, therefore lets down the side rather, imo. How do others feel?
Anyhow, THE SECRET is at 4.30 pm today currently 48 in Romance for the Free ratings and hopefully heading soon to be in the Top FREE 100!! Yay! I know they’re only free download ratings, but it’s at least raising my author profile! And that has to be encouraging.
The Amazon links for The Secret and A Face TO Die For are:


Best wishes


Great Weekend!

Hi guys,
Well here are my Amazon Kindle stats after my 2 days Select FREE promo period for A FACE TO DIE FOR
Total of 1,050 downloads altogether including an amazing 574 US downloads!!
UK stats: 97 Top 100 Fiction
               47  Romance
                5  Historical Romance
US stats: 398 Top 100
                28 Historical Romance
Not bad, considering I was competing against the Olympics, and everyone downloading 50 Shades books!!!
Will be interesting to see if it translates into improved sales for a couple of weeks… which I found happened before with my other novel THE SECRET after its first Select promo.
Hope you all enjoyed the Olympics London 2012 opening on Friday night? Awesome, wsn’t it? So lets see if we can get some decent medals now. The competition is so great! Hang on in there Team GB!!!

Best wishes everyone

WANT A GREAT WEEKEND OR HOLIDAY READ? Well my 5* reviewed romantic novel, A FACE TO DIE FOR is FREE TO DOWNLOAD NOW onto your Kindle or iPad – 28th & 29th July, to celebrate this special Olympic Games opening weekend!
or please check it out on Amazon Kindle books wherever you are. My books are available from Amazon Kindle in Germany, France, Spain and Italy
Pure nostalgia… set in the fashion business in the Swinging 60s it tells an intriguing love story hampered by loose morals, drug taking and emotional conflict. All at a time when anything risqué goes, and frequently does. This novel reveals the scandal and glamour of this decadent and revolutionary period in modern history.
 Here is one of my favourite recent 5* reviews:
“Jan Warburton’s second novel is a convincing portrayal of the fashion world in ‘sixties London, drawn from first hand experience. With believable, well-drawn characters and a story line that centres on the trials, tribulations and eventual successes in launching and developing a fashion business, there is so much to admire in this well written story. But where the book really comes to life is in the contrast between the two female leads – dependable Annabel who gives up much to further her ambitions and beautiful model Kate whose life is set on a quite different trajectory. The two women can be seen to sum up the ambivalent aims of those times. But none of this gets in the way of a strong story brim full with events. Highly recommended.”
Please take a look. You won’t be disappointed, and remember its FREE now for the next 2 days, so please pass the news on!
Best wishes Jan


Just had the brilliant news that my granddaughter Abby has now graduated with a BA Honours Arts Degree! I’m so proud of her! I hope so much that the future will be rosy for her in these difficult times… but she a clever, hugely talented young woman, plus she’s a beautiful and delightful personImage to know. I wish her and all the other graduates getting their results today, all the luck in the world! 

Had a wonderful day… despite problems getting to the exhibition, due to Shoreditch station, the nearest to Brick Lane, being closed. Ended up having to go to Bethnal Green… so we had a very long tiring walk to The old Truman Brewery venue in Brick Lane. Amazing exhibitions with some incredible photography on display from final year graduation student from all over the country. Fascinating and all hugely impressive. Felt very proud of Abby being a part of it.
Had a great meal later at Wagamamas at Spittalfields, and then another long walk on the way to Liverpool St station taking in specatcular views of some fabulous landmarks like “The Gerkin” “The Shard” and many other incredibly tall buildings… all new since I was last in London.
A tiring but hugely impressive and inspiring day. My feet still haven’t quite recovered!

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I’m a writer of romantic fiction, with two novels so far published on Kindle as eBooks and available on all Amazon websites.

THE SECRET is a contemporary, romantic novel is a fast paced, wickedly woven web of dark secrets, emotional conflict and romantic intrigue, add to this a gruesome murder and it should keep you guessing all the way through ,until the bitter sweet denouement.
Recent reviews said:
“Funny, sad, romantic, sexy, intriguing and a great read.”
“Pacy modern storyline, believable characters and enough twists to keep you glued to your Kindle.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found the story moved along very fast, and took me with it!”
“I quickly became involved with the characters who were all totally believable.”
“This is a very well thought out, intriguing book.”
“Congratulations to the author on a stunning debut novel.”
Please also take a look at my second book A FACE TO DIE FOR also available on Amazon Kindle. It’s pure nostalgia, set in the swinging sixties about a fashion designer’s rise to fame… how two womens’ careers and love lives become uncannily and fatally entwined. It tells an intriguing love story hamperd by loose morals, drug taking, and emotional conflict . Remember this is a time when anything risque goes… and frequently does! This novel exposes much of the scandal and glamour of this decadent and revolutionaly period in modern hitory.
 Amazon Link:
My latest wip is a spin off from A Face To Die For, and is almost ready  … just some further editing and fine tuning to be done. I’m hoping this will be available on Kindle later this summer.

Please  take a tour of the features on here and feel free to leave any comments. I would be delighted if you choose to sign up to follow my blog and post the odd messages or comments from time to time. 

I’ll ty to keep you informed of any news I have with regard to my writing activities and personal interests.

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