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Just want to remind everyone THE SECRET went on FREE PROMO yesterday for 5 days… to cover Swanwick week. So there’s still time to take a look at it, folks, if you haven’t already read it.
While I was there for the day, yesterday, I left a load of promo post cards and notices about it in the Book Information Room, and when I came home quite a few had disappeared, and so I’m hoping that might help the promo a bit and make everyone more aware of my novels.
Had a great day btw, catching up with all my Swanicker pals, and making new ones. There was definitley quite a buzz about the place over several of us Swanickers having some success with eBooks. General consensus was, whilst a few seemed still a bit scepticle about epublishing… most are all up for giving it a go now, even if they’re a bit reluctant, and would prefer to be published “the normal way”. I made it quite clear, that I think eBooks are the future, without any doubt, and that epublishing is something we’ll all have to embrace eventually. Some enlightening discussions about it though, which I enjoyed. I did STRESS though, the importance of getting one’s novels well edited before uploading to Kindle. I personally do think this is something that Amazon should perhaps insist on much more, to maintain a high standard of indie eBooks on offer. Sadly, some indie eBooks are quite definitely NOT properly edited, and it certainly shows, therefore lets down the side rather, imo. How do others feel?
Anyhow, THE SECRET is at 4.30 pm today currently 48 in Romance for the Free ratings and hopefully heading soon to be in the Top FREE 100!! Yay! I know they’re only free download ratings, but it’s at least raising my author profile! And that has to be encouraging.
The Amazon links for The Secret and A Face TO Die For are:


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