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Originally trained in fashion design, I first worked for the House of Worth in Mayfair, London in 1958. I then moved on to wholesale fashion. Marriage to an army officer took me to Germany for three years. Later, back in civilian life we moved to Singapore; all amazing experiences, which have proved valuable ‘grist’ to my writing ‘mill’. After a painful divorce I survived 6 years with two kiddies as a one parent family - a tough period, from which I have drawn in my fiction writing. I've had many jobs; you name it, I've had a go! My last was sales rep for a designer spectacle frame company, until redundancy finally allowed me to pursue my writing ambition. I have a daughter Jayne, son Justin, and two beautiful granddaughters Abby and Alexia, all of whom I'm extremely proud. I've been happily married to Mark for 32 years, and we live in a converted barn in rural Yorkshire. Published books: A FACE TO DIE FOR (Kindle, July 2012) THE SECRET (Kindle January 2011) ONLY HUMAN (ghosted autobiography for black American soul singer/songwriter, Tommy Hunt Paperback, Bank House Books (December 2009)

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